Honda designed and built the 'legendary' VFR 750R RC30 with one thing in mind : To win the inaugural world Superbike championship . With great fanfare the RC30 appeared at the first round at Donnington Park . Freddy Merkel went on to win the inaugural two WSBK Championships .Marshals at the Suzuka 8 Hour were previously supplied with thirty white RC30's to cruise the track showing off the bike to the crowd . These bikes have come to be known as the RC30 'Ghosts' Many White RC30's are put up as being examples of one of these 'marshal's bikes' , none that I have seen elsewhere have any authentication . The Motogallur Collection has a HRC authentication certificate confirming that it is a "white' marshals bike and has a very early  frame number 32 !  RC30-1000032 . The first few frame numbers being prototypes. This bike was purchased from a HRC employee along with a HRC enhanced White RC51 . Interestingly this bike has small headlights like all Japanese delivered RC30's but produces the same power on  Dudley Lister's dyno as my European and Australian spec RC30's. Japanese RC30's are jetted down with a restrictor in the exhaust . These restrictions are easy to correct .