Mike Williaford 

Pilot , Texan , raconteur , bike restorer , motorcyclist, humorist , good bloke, Republican 

( Anyone admit to  having voted  for the Democrats nowadays ?) .

 John Grauduzsus


Melbourne's ( ? australia's ) Mr Motorcycle , lives and breaths motorcycles . A little short at 6"6" John loves any thing with two wheels or two legs . Walking motorcycle encyclopedia , loves the constabulary ( Victoria's  finest ) Has promised to grow up only if  he gets a terminal illness. Father of Charlie . Antique Motorcycles shop located in Mentone Victoria is the ultimate motorcycle'man cave' .

Cynthia Lopez . Life  member of the Antique Motorcycle family . Youngest daughter of Ducati legend Eddy Lopez . Commutes on a R100s or  Waterbottle , BMW sidecar race slider , real good sort , loves GPZ750 Turbos , fashion . Pictured here at Broadford  2012  . Loves her little Cucciolo engine . Likes fashion , wears a dress when not riding . 

Ric Lance of Lance Gamma North Carolina USA. Probably knows more about RG500 Gammas than Suzuki's project engineers. Can disassemble and reassemble a Gamma engine in under 2 hours with boxing gloves on. Spy shots have shown him riding and engineering RZ500's . Suzuki should have him on a retainer for perpetuating the legend of these amazing bikes. Has a vast  knowledge of many esoteric subjects . Would get a 'good bloke' status in OZ . Built my superb Gamma Special , see marques page.

 Pictured   below are Steve Hari and Russell ( Sooty ) . Two of my extended motorcycle family in Melbourne . Steve is wickedly fast on the track . Russell an ex racer at ? 72 has the physiology of someone decades younger , I have enjoyed many a cuppa in Johnny's kitchen with this fine knowledgeable gentleman . Pictured here at the 2011 Broadford Bike Bonanza