Hideous or Avante Guarde , beauty is in the ' Eye of the ..........'

The Vyrus prepared Testastretta engined  has the best power to weight ratio of any sports bike on the road barring Vyrus's own supercharged version . At 1000 hp per  1000kg  this bike's acceleration in any gear at any speed is wicked and intimidating .  An absolute chore to ride around town , it comes in to its own at highway speeds were anything can be dispatched with a quarter turn of the throttle . Pick a point on the horizon , hang on , pull the trigger and shut off when you see GOD. Symphony from the Zard exhaust is ear splitting . Braking performance aided by the unique front end is just as good , wish I was game enough to do stoppies on it but too expensive to throw down the road . Certainly no shrinking violet !