Purchased by MotoGallur at a California Bonham's auction in January of 2011 the bike has found its new home in Sydney Australia  . As of February 2014 MotoGallur is sad to report that Queensland Porsche guru and collector Roger Hall has purchased the race 'replica' and the Greenframe restoration .

The heart of the bike is the iconic 1974 Ducati 750 ss 'Green Frame' with  

          Frame number      DMS750SS * 075348 * 

    Engine number     075064 DM 750.1 .

An early number in the 'Greenframe' engine sequence of 400 something hand built factory bikes .  

The reconstruction of this bike's history is a work in progress . Imported into the US as one of the legendary 'Greenframes' the bike was put to its intended  purpose as a race bike and not road registered . This is the same era as Cook Nielsen's famous California Hotrod that swept all before it . 

The first picture shows the bike at Daytona with the original Ducati front and rear suspension arrangements , original brakes , fibreglass Imola tank , original seat/fairing and  Imola type exhaust. 

Tony Guest at the "Carousel" at Sears Point Raceway 

(now known as Infineon Raceway) in Northern California.

Many thanks to Brian Brown who corrected my earlier caption .

( Any other information gratefully received )

The bike has 'evolved' , the engine now has improved oil routing , Axtell exhaust , new brakes/discs  , different bodywork/tank , altered suspension components/rear geometry.

When purchased as a new bike it underwent a steady evolution to make it more competitive . Luckily  the frame geometry  was unchanged . The front forks were replaced with items from Forcelle Italia  . The rear shocks were replaced with Ohlins competition items . Front billet brakes are from Performance Machine and are 4 piston callipers .

The engine was enlarged to 905cc with 42mm intake and 38 mm exhaust valves (cw standard ) The pistons are JE with modifications by Kevin Bracken and the legendary CR Axtell . Jim Woods did most of the port work on the heads.The megaphones are  Axtell's design. They were arrived at by many dyno tests.

The close ratio gearbox was designed by Marvin Webster.  From what we understand the actual machinist was Chris Warmuth . Machined from vacuum melt 9310 metal.

"Some time around 1972 Cook Neilson had a set of gears made by Marvin Webster. The stock Ducati one failed a lot, just because the materials were not up to the job. 

 Rich Arian was down the street and owned a bike shop called Vanguard Engineering. He was *the* Ducati dealer for the Bay Area and maybe all of Northern California. Maybe all of the West Coast, for all I can remember. Ducatis were not popular then. 

Rich was also heavily involved in club racing. He knew I had worked on the Duck boxes at Webster. While phone-gossiping with whoever it was in England who was building the bike for Hailwood to run at the Isle of Man, he asked if I could make ten more. Sure.

So Vanguard Engineering sold the gearboxes and I made them. The ones I made were slightly different than the Cook Neilson version. Minor changes, really. I didn't know Tony Guest had one but looking at the photos, yup. That's a Vanguard Engineering / North Shore Gear gearbox.

One of them did go to England for the Hailwood bike : it was slightly different to fit a different clutch they were using or had made, but I don't know if that is the one that for-sure was in the bike when Mr Hailwood rode it around the island. I like to think so tho :)

Hope this helps fill in the history a bit and thank you for putting my name in lights ! It's Wormuth, tho"

The first picture below is of the bike at the 2011 Broadford Bonanza one week after its arrival in Australia .

The race bike undergoes  a faithful rebuild by Steve Atherton in Sydney 

Comparison of a standard and the 'competition' close ratio box  in the Guest bike . The race gearbox will not accommodate a kick starter 

Tony Guest would have to be pleased with the faithful rebuild that Steve Atherton ( Pictured below ) has done to get this bike race ready again . Following are close ups of the bikes construction and modifications done by Tony and his 'tuners' 

Photos of finished bike by Michael Gilchrist